Metalk Video Tutorials

Metalk Application User Guide

Metalk — Registration

Register your Metalk account with your mobile number, set your password and successfully register.

Metalk — Profile

Profile includes your QR code, files, cloud backup, as well as basic settings such as pattern password, account security and notifications

Metalk — My Files

You may upload files locally or from the cloud drive, as well as save chat minutes

Metalk — Pattern Lock

Click on profile and then settings to set your pattern password

Metalk — Account Security

In settings, click on account security to set security questions, edit password and view the security report

Metalk — Notification

Notification settings can be found in profile, then settings

Metalk — Privacy

Under settings, privacy, one may customize the criteria for friends to find and add you, as well as namecard privacy settings

Metalk — General

Under general in settings, one can set the handset mode, font size and auto-login options

Metalk — About Metalk

Under About Metalk, one can understand more about the application’s technical specifications

Metalk — Friends

Contacts include friend requests pending approval, saved groups, subscribed channels, and the option to add friends on the top right hand button, via ID search or QR code scanning

Metalk — Create a Chat

Send messages to friends in the form of text, emoticons or voice. Send images, location, files and namecards too. The whisper function provides an added layer of information security

Metalk — Chat Details

Under chat settings, one may choose the sticky on top feature, on or off notifications, as well as set background and sound notification ringtones

Metalk — Create a Group Chat

Group chat allows a team to communicate efficiently, and one may customize their alias in the group for easy recognition. Groups can be saved too

Metalk — Group Chat Settings

Under group chat settings, one may change the group avatar, name, background, notification ringtone and more

Metalk — Events

The events function is presented in the form of a timeline, scrolling up and down shows events that have transpired or that are upcoming

Metalk — Create an Event

To post on event, one will need to fill in event details such as title, location, people invited, time and may also set an event reminder as the time closes in

Metalk — Edit Events and Feedback

Events may be edited, and invitees will all receive a notification of the event that has been edited and when they view the event the edited parameters will be highlighted