Secure Communications Protocol

In Metalk data are transmitted over HTTPS, which utilizes an added encryption layer of SSL to protect the traffic. This ensures reasonable protection from eavesdroppers and man-in-the-middle attacks. HTTPS is especially important over unencrypted networks (such as WiFi), as anyone on the same local network can “packet sniff” and discover sensitive information.


AES Encryption for Local Data

Metalk utilises SQLite database management system with SQLCipher as an added open source extension to SQLite that provides transparent AES encryption of database files. This further enhances the security of the data stored within your phone.



RSA Encryption

All data sent and received by Metalk, including text, voice messages and images, are encrypted over RSA cryptosystem, internationally recognised for secure data transmission.


Periodic Change of Encryption Keys

A normal home processor will take approximately 1500 years to crack our encryption keys that is basis that the encryption keys do not change over time. However in Metalk, our system will automatically trigger a change of encryption keys at random intervals which greatly reduces the chances of security breach!


Trusted Devices

Metalk allows users the option to manage their own list of trusted devices. Enable the Account Protection function and any attempts at logging in to your Metalk account via non-trusted devices will be prompted for further verification to prevent unauthorized access.

Unique Pattern Lock

When this function is enabled, users will be prompted to draw the unlock pattern when switching between apps and returning to Metalk.  This is aimed at providing users an added level of security to prevent unauthorized access to confidential chats, especially when the phone is stolen or lost.  

After a few consecutive unsuccessful attempts, all chat history stored locally in the phone will be destroyed automatically.


Blurred Screen Feature (iOS)

When switching between apps on an iphone, the Metalk screen is blurred from viewing to protect user’s privacy. This prevents others from even having the slightest peek into a user’s Metalk chat log.

Security Questions

Users will be prompted to set the answers to the security questions upon first login. Security questions are important in protecting your Metalk account and may be required when you:

  • Forget the login password and need to reset it
  • Attempt to access Metalk account from another device not in the trusted list