Who can benefit from Metalk?

Any individual or business entity that requires a secure communications platform to efficiently exchange and collaborate on high-value information.

Is Metalk free to use?

Metalk can be downloaded free from the app store for use. However certain premium features can only be unlocked via in-app subscription with an applicable fee. Understand more on the premium security features and subscription plan.

How do I register?

You can register a Metalk account with your mobile phone number.

What is OTP?

A One Time Password (OTP) is used when you first register an Metalk account. To verify your identity, our system will send you a OTP through SMS. You will need to enter the OTP to activate your account.

I have not received my OTP, what should I do?

Please make sure that you have entered a valid phone number. As the Country code is requested, any number “0” at the front can be omitted.

What is voice messaging?

Voice messaging allows you to instantly communicate with a contact or chat group through your voice recording. Simply tap and hold on the Voice Message button to start recording. While recording a voice message, you can slide up to cancel the recording instantly.

Is there any region restriction for voice messages?

No. You can chat with friends anywhere.

How do I find my friends?

You can search for them via their Metalk IDs, user names or their mobile phone numbers. If you are unable to find your friends by their mobile number or Metalk ID, they may have disabled these search criteria for privacy reasons.

How do I clear chat history?

You can delete an entire log of conversation by simply tap and hold or swipe the chat log towards the left.

What is a Metalk ID?

A Metalk ID is a unique ID no. that will be automatically assigned to each user upon signup. You may provide your friends your Metalk ID for them to search and add you on Metalk.

What languages are available in Metalk?

Metalk is currently available in English and Chinese. The following languages are coming your way: Korean, Japanese, Malay, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia and Vietnamese.


What are the Security Questions for?

The Security Questions are required for resetting of password, changing phone number and accessing MeTalk on a different mobile phone as a verification process. Security questions provide an extra level of security, and they help MeTalk verify that you are the person requesting access to your account. It is important that you remember the answers to your security questions.

I have forgotten my login password and security questions!

Please contact our customer service via the online feedback form to assist you with retrieving your Metalk account. Our customer service officers will try their very best to contact you within 1 working day.

Do note that the account retrieval process will take an average 14 days as we need to go through a strict protocol to prevent account theft. It is therefore important that you remember your login password and answers to the security questions to avoid any inconvenience.

What do I do if my phone is lost or stolen?

Metalk is designed to safeguard users’ chat history as much as possible in the event that a phone is lost or stolen. So long as either the Pattern Lock feature is enabled or the Remember Password function is disabled, it is unlikely for unauthorized access to occur.

In the unfortunate case that your phone gets lost or stolen, and in the worst case scenario you did not enable the Pattern Lock feature nor disable the Remember Password function, we can still help to make sure that no one can use your Metalk account.

Metalk can only be activated with one mobile number on one device at a time. The fastest way to deactivate your account on the stolen phone is to sign in to Metalk with another mobile phone which requires you to go through an authentication process.

If you are not ready to activate Metalk on a new phone, we can assist to deactivate your account. Email us with your phone number in the full international format. Please note that we are not able to help you locate your phone. Important: Even with the SIM card locked and phone service disabled, Metalk can be used on Wi-Fi if you did not submit an account deactivation request.

I'm going to change my number and/or phone, what should I do?

As it is a common practice for mobile providers to recycle numbers, it is likely that your former number will be reassigned. If you have changed your mobile number, it is important that you go through the “Alter Secure Hp No.” function to ensure future verification code are sent to your new number. Currently MeTalk requires you to have access to both your old number and new number in order for you to effect the change as a verification code will be sent to your old number in order for you to effect the change.

For change of mobile phone, you may do a chat backup (Premium feature) to MeTalk server under “Profile”. Before you can login to your Metalk account on a new phone, you will need to go through an authentication process either through answering Security Questions or through sending a verification code to your mobile number. Before you give away your old smartphone, make sure to wipe out all your data. Remember also to format the SD card, if your phone has one. This ensures that none of your private data will ever fall into someone else’s hands.

What happens after I used up all the tries to draw the unlock pattern?

The Pattern Lock feature aims at protecting your privacy. After 5 incorrect attempts, it will be treated as a deliberate unauthorized attempt to access your chat records. This will trigger the system to automatically delete all Metalk chat history stored locally on your phone. However this will not lock the account, you may still login by drawing the correct unlock pattern but all chat history stored locally will no longer exist thereafter. Therefore it is important that you remember the unlock pattern, MeTalk will not be able to restore chat history that are stored locally on your phone.


What are business functions? Are they free?

Business functions include Chat minutes, Events and Archives. They enable business owners or any individuals to communicate, collaborate and share information securely with one another. And yes, they are free to use!

How can chat minutes help me?

Chat minutes allow portions of group chats to be stored and marked for future reference. You can store text, images, voice messages and various types of files.

What are events? And what are they for?

Events provide a forward-looking view of activities that involve the user. It lists your upcoming meetings or gatherings, as well as open activities, and reminds you of invitations.

What is Metalk VIP Center? What can I do with that?

You may login to VIP Center with your Metalk ID and password. It provides web-end extended services to Metalk such as the secured Cloud Service for uploading and storage of files to be used in Metalk for communicating work, ideas or anything under the sun.

How do I upload files to the cloud?

Login to Metalk VIP Center via web end, click the blue button “upload”, select the file you wish to upload. Once upload is completed you can access the file via Metalk.

How do I access to files on the cloud through Metalk?

In the Metalk application, go to Profile > My Files > Cloud. Your files will be automatically categorized under Memo, File or Images. You may also seed the files to any metalk contacts or group chats via the File icon in the chat screen.

What type of files does Metalk support?

Metalk supports images, voice messages, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and pdfs.

How do I backup my chat history?

Access this function through Profile > Chat Backup > Upload Chat History. This function is only available for subscribed users. It is recommended to delete the uploaded data on Metalk server once restoration has been successful. You may set a passcode for added security and delete the uploaded data as and when necessary.


What is SecureChannel?

SecureChannel is a secure broadcasting solution suitable for anything from a small business to a multinational enterprise, to allow confidential corporate information and market sensitive messages to be exchanged between groups with everyone knowing nothing will ever leak out. This is a corporate paid feature. Should you wish to find out more, please contact us at [email protected].

What are some highlights of SecureChannel?

SecureChannel supports various multimedia types, with security features such as dual-end encryption, auto-destruct, anti-duplication etc. Broadcasting can also be done through dynamic and interactive presentation templates with RSVP tracking for the organizing of private events or functions.